Saturday, April 09, 2005

'UP CLOSE' on CNA not 'Party Political Films'

UP CLOSE with ChannelNewsAsia

UP CLOSE takes a behind-the-scenes look at five Cabinet Ministers at work and spends time with them at their regular haunts.

The first 4 episodes let viewers get up close with these Ministers and get to know them better. The series also finds out what these Ministers do to experience up close the lives of the Singaporeans in order to get a taste of the real issues of concern, and see for themselves what truly matters to these people.

The concluding episode of UP CLOSE on Thursday 5 May, 8pm - Up Close with the Prime Minister - features Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in a special forum where he engages in a frank discussion with a group of Singaporeans on the Singapore that they want.

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Episode 1 - What's up?
Dr Vivian Balakrishnan
TX: 7 April 2005, Thursday 8pm (Sin/HK time)
This episode looks at the stewardship by Minister Vivian Balakrishnan of a generation growing up in a country ready-made for the good life.

"What's Up?" paints portraits of a new leadership seeking the pulse of a new citizenry. The Minister's mission is told through the themes in his vision to give youth space, assure the disadvantaged of a place and empower the marginalised to run the race.

Episode 2 - Open Up
Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam
TX: 14 April 2005, Thursday 8pm (Sin/HK time)
Open Up gives the Minister the platform to demonstrate how he will go about making sure Singapore's new education ideals are achieved, how he addresses the concerns of parents, teachers and students alike on the ground, and in the process, give a sense of the beliefs and personality of the man leading the charge for the Republic's education "revolution".

Episode 3 - Step Up
Dr Ng Eng Hen and Mr Lim Swee Say
TX: 21 April 2005, Thursday 8pm (Sin/HK time)
There is no such thing as an iron rice bowl, so Singaporeans are often told. A lesson all Singaporeans have had to learn to live with, now more so than ever, in this new phase of economic development.

Step Up is a documentary about the changing of mindsets. Workers have to continually upgrade their skills. And, jobs have to be found for workers whose skills are now outdated. This episode traces how government, unions and employers think "out-of the box", re-designing existing jobs so that Singaporeans are proud to enter into them.

Episode 4 - Shape Up
Mr Khaw Boon Wan
TX: 28 April 2005, Thursday 8pm (Sin/HK time)
Singapore's healthcare system is a topic close to every Singaporean's heart. With an ageing population, greater demand for the latest medical technologies and drugs, Singaporeans will have to spend more on healthcare.

Since Minister Khaw Boon Wan took over as chief at the Ministry of Health in August 2003, he has listed as one of his major priorities, the raising of the standard of healthcare while keeping costs affordable.

"Shape Up" will guide the viewer through the new healthcare directives, and provide some insights into the thought processes as well as what motivates and inspires the man with the task at hand.

Episode 5 - "Up close with the Prime Minister"
TX: 5 May 2005, Thursday 8pm (Sin/HK)
In this special forum, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong engages a group of Singaporeans in a discussion on the Singapore that they want.

Opportunities mean different things to different people. In Singapore, where can the hopes come from? What do people think about themselves and Singapore? What do they hope for the future of Singapore?

What is a 'party political film?'


Anonymous said...

How are you taking all this? I'm asking because I've not seen you post anything about your personal thoughts... although one can probably determine that from your other posts.

Are you trying to laugh it all off and feeling good because you've proven their claims wrong? Or are you filled with 'long piak'-esque anguish and utter helplessness?

Anonymous said...

All the official media platforms in the country are mouthpieces for the PAP govt. Everyone knows that. And this CNA show IS a 'party political film' to call a spade a spade. It is just the latest of the neverending shameless and pathetic efforts at "tripod-ing" from the toadies and sycophants.

Anonymous said...

We as Singaporeans have already accepted there can never be free speech in Singapore because that would mean people are free to criticise the government and point out what is wrong with Singapore. This can never and will never be allowed in Singapore.

We have all learned to keep our mouths shut. Why can't you? Why must you cause trouble? Why must people like you and CSJ keep reminding us of the freedoms we don't have?

We have accepted it already and we are willing to live in SILENCE and let our elite politicians do all the talking. Please don't remind of our pain and lack of freedoms. These are things we are trying very hard to forget in Singapore.

Please go away.

Anonymous said...

whoever u are, u do not speak for everybody. u may choose to live in silence, but there are many others who do not, who would rather face challenges head on, than imbibe amnesia pills.

Johnnie Goehring said...

Enjoyed reading your posts.