Monday, May 09, 2005

Interview with police postponed (but they want to move it along "fast")

9th May 2005, 1745hrs - ASP Chan called me after we spoke some two hours earlier (read below) to say that he really needed to conduct the interview as soon as possible. Why the hurry? And how does it benefit me to speed things up in such a manner? He didn't say but only asked (politely, as usual) for an earlier date which I then fixed for Monday, 16th May at 2100hrs at the Central Police Station.

ASP Chan thanked me again for the rescheduling.

Earlier ...

9th May 2005, 1420hrs - I decided to call ASP Chan Peng Khuang (should be 'Khuang', not 'Kuang') to postpone the interview which were orginally scheduled for tomorrow at 7pm.

I reached him on his moblie (yes, he gave me his mobile number in previous call). Here is an excerpt of the exchange.

See : ASP Chan please?

Chan : Speaking.

See : Ya this is See Tong Ming,. the guy..

Chan : Ya ya, Mr See.

See : Are you back from holiday already?

Chan : I'm back in Singapore already.

See : I'm very sorry because of heavy work commitment, I don't think I can make it tomorrow so we have to reschedule the meeting.

Chan : When is your convenient date?

See : Not in the next two weeks because I'll be busy. Would it be possible at the end of the month? Somewhere on the 27th ...

Chan : You working as what ah?

See : Freelance video.

Chan : Oh, freelance videoing.

See : Ya, so I have an added project today. Would it be possible end of the month?

Chan : End of the month is too late.

See : Too late?

Chan : Too late because I want to finish this thing fast you see.

See : Oh, you want to finish this thing fast?

Chan : Ya, it'd be better if we actually can finish it fast.

See : Ohh ... right now I'm not even sure, like, what or who you are investigating?

Chan : About the film. Because you are the maker of the film.

See : Ya.

(I deleted a section of the conversation here as I think that it might affect the investigation if it is made public. Sorry, I'm just being kiasi.)

See : OK, and will it take very long?

Chan : Maybe two hours.

See : Am I allowed to bring any audio recording equipment?

Chan : Eh no.

See : Not allowed ah?

Chan : No, not allowed.

See : But I can write down your questions right?

Chan : You can take notes, no problem.

See : Check with me again next Wednesday or Thursday.

Chan : Thanks for calling.

See : Ok bye.

Chan : Bye



cke said...

You know what will actually happen next once you stepped into that interview office, don't you? I can't believe that investigation is made upon you, even though your film has been withdrawn. So it ponders me that anyone who are in contact with any opposition party, will be called for investigation? This is so unfair.... Anyway, hope to hear from you soon...

All the way from London

SGLoyalist said...

Hi Martyn,

That is not "kiasi" but tactical. You made a good choice for not reporting the sensitive bits or the police will add more things to accuse you.

The police can act nutty at times, from my own experience. Don't know what to do, hem and haw, yet have smart alec attitude. Wonder how we can trust our lives with such "kay kiang" people :)

All the best.


Anonymous said...

I think the damn frickin' govt had bin very unfair. First discredit Dr Chee, now attack your film. I have been reading in the papers that the frickin' govt is trying to encourage Singaporeans to speak out, and isn't this what Dr Chee is doing? Sometimes I feel the blasted govt is a gang of hypocrites. They remind me of Qin Shihuang and Adolf Hitler. Sorry, can't reveal my name here, don't want them after me next. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

I sympathize with you, dude. Singapore is a regime, not a democracy. You can carry on doing what you do, but keep a watch behind your back.

You may end up being a jailbird without a court hearing, and not even knowing why.

Catch my drift?

Anonymous said...

Yo Martyn,

Any updates? How did the "meeting" go?