Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This Film Is Not Yet Rated

It's been exactly a month since Speakers Cornered was submitted to the Board of Film Censors (BFC). I have yet to receive any word about its status. Meanwhile, the folks who run the BFC, i.e. the Media Development Authority (MDA), ostensibly wants to show off how efficient and transparent their ratings system are by graciously availing themselves in a public event.

Those good servants of MDA, lest you forget, had awarded me a 15 month-long police investigation, some worldwide publicity and two banned films. I think an appreciation of their role in publicising my profile is well overdue so I shall honour their effort by showing up at the forum.

THIS FILM IS NOT YET RATED - Censorship Uncensored

FRIDAY 1st FEBRUARY at 7.30pm The Picturehouse Lounge

Find out more about CENSORSHIP IN SINGAPORE for yourself! Curious about the whole film rating process? What are the steps a film must go through for a rating? What does an NC16 rating mean for a film? Join us at The Picturehouse Lounge for a open dialogue session with a panel of industry players who will breakdown the local ratings system and sharing some of their own expereinces with the censorship process. Speakers include the Chairman of the Consultative Panel at MDA, a representative from a Major Film Distribution company and local independent film maker.

RSVP your place at to avoid disappointment. Subject line:RATED Explores.

A review of the forum (updated 14 Feb)
This Film is Not Yet Rated - Censorship Uncensored

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