Thursday, May 01, 2008

Filmmaker submits six videos featuring political protests

Six videos documenting a recent spate of public protests in Singapore were submitted to the Board of Film Censors yesterday. Filmmaker Ho Choon Hiong, who shot and edited the videos, said in a email that he hopes that the authorities will grant him the license to screen his videos so that an "outreach" program can be organised to create a "meaningful discussion about peaceful assemblies in Singapore."

Prior to submission, the six videos have already been uploaded on youtube.

Youtube link here
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2. Burmese staged peaceful demonstration in Singapore
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3. NUS international students Vigil Walk
Youtube link here
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4. Human rights torch relay by Falungong in Singapore
Youtube link here
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5. Singaporean started 5 days fasting against ISA on Hindraf 5
Youtube link here
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6. Morning May day Montage
Youtube link here
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bobby fletcher said...

Falun Gong's faux torch relay is not grassroot. Rightwing "China hawks" in US Congress are linked to this event.

Susan Prager, the outreach director of HRTR, is also the
communications director of "Friends of Falun Gong", a quasai-government non-profit founded by people linked to US Congress and the NED - it has injected over 6 million dollars in 5 years to various FLG groups to promot their intensely anti-Chinese political message.

Anonymous said...

bobby fletcher, can you provide some links for reading or further information about that? i am interested to see your evidence.

bobby fletcher said...

I've documented this in my blog: