Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Martyn See resubmits banned films

PM Lee filming the audience in the auditorium with a mobile phone. The candid camera moment held a serious point - anyone can now be an amateur film-maker. -- ST

'The overall thrust of all these changes is to liberalise our society, to widen the space for expression and participation. We encourage more citizens to engage in debate, to participate in building our shared future. And we will progressively open up our system even more.'
- PM Lee Hsien Loong, National Day Rally speech 2008

I've just (re)submitted six videos to the Board of Film Censors for the purpose of classification. Enclosed within my applications was a letter to Ms Amy Chua, Head of Media Content at MDA.

31 March 2009

Ms Amy Chua
Director, Media Content
Media Development Authority
3, Fusionpolis Way,
#16-22 Symbiosis
Singapore 138633

(Re)submissions of Political Films

Dear Ms Chua,

I like to draw your attention to the (re)submission of the following films, filed in accordance with Section 14 of the Films Act, for the purpose of (re)classification.

1. Singapore Rebel (2009) A/0903/I003666U
2. Zahari's 17 Years (2009) A/0903/I003667L
3. Speakers Cornered (2009) A/0903/I003668A
4. One Nation Under Lee A/0903/I003669G
5. Success Stories : Lee Kuan Yew A/0903/I003660T
6. Riding The Tiger A/0903/I0036671L

Note that titles #1 to #3 are my productions and they have been previously classified.

Title #4, which your officers seized during its private premiere at the Peninsula-Excelsior Hotel on 17 May 2008, has yet to be rated.

In light of the new amendments to the Films Act pertaining to party political films, I hereby make these (re)submissions in order that the above films be vetted by the newly-created Political Films Consultative Committee.

With regards to Section 35, the outgoing Minister Dr Lee Boon Yang has publicly defended its retention in order to prohibit films like Fitna. This cannot be used as a pretext to continue the ban on title #2 - Zahari's 17 Years - of which I hope the PFCC will now deem it to be a 'factual biography', a classification now made permissable under the new legislation.

Yours sincerely,
See Tong Ming, Martyn


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Beracahvalley said...
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Beracahvalley said...

Wow I chance upon your blog while reading up some issues. I watched One Nation Under Lee sometime back as well but I seriously doubt if its consider "objective" and "factual".

On another note, it seems that hammers don't kill but lighting kills in Singapore.