Friday, May 29, 2009

S'pore Rebel and One Nation Under Lee resubmitted

Singapore Rebel, previously classified as an illegal 'party political film', and One Nation Under Lee, previously seized by the censors and still unclassified, has been resubmitted to the Board of Film Censors (BFC).

Both films will be vetted by the newly appointed Political Films Consultative Committee (PFCC), who will make their recommendations to the BFC, who in turn will decide if the film is allowed, or subject the filmmakers to police investigations for possible violation of the Films Act. Yes, political filmmakers can be made criminals in Singapore.

There is also a new application process for all video and film submissions to the BFC. The applicant is now required to declare potentially contentious scenes in the application form.

This is the declaration form for political films.

Submission Form (Political Film)
1. Name of Applicant:
2. NRIC / Unique Entity Number:
3. Address & Contact Number:
4. Title of Film:
5. Year of Production:
6. Place of Production:
7. Name of Producer:
8. Name of Director:
9. Purpose of Submission (please tick the relevant boxes):
 a. Exhibition
[Screening Date: ]
[Screening Venue (optional): ]
 b. Distribution

10. I submit that the film should not be regarded as a Party Political Film for
purposes of the Films Act (Cap 107), and can be shown or distributed as (please
tick the relevant boxes):

 a. it is a film which records live the whole or a material proportion of any
performance, assembly of persons or procession that is held in
accordance with the law and that does not depict any event, person or
situation in a dramatic way;

 b. it is a film designed to provide a record of an event or occasion that is
held in accordance with the law for those who took part in the event or
occasion or are connected with those who did so;

 c. it is a documentary without any animation and composed wholly of an
accurate account depicting actual events, persons (deceased or
otherwise) or situations, but not a film –
i. wholly or substantially based on unscripted or “reality” type
programmes; or
ii. that depicts those events, persons or situations in a dramatic way;

 d. it is a film without animation and dramatic elements –
i. composed wholly of a political party’s manifesto or declaration of
policies or ideology on the basis of which candidates authorised by

See Annex for the definition of Party Political Film.


And this is page 5 and 6 of the application form (for ALL video and submissions) .

Below are major content concerns. Please indicate by ticking the content concerns that are found in the title you are submitting for classification. The information you provide may assist in the classification process.

e.g. suicide, child abuse, prostitution, terrorism, homosexuality etc

e.g. sex scenes, verbal or visual references, foreplay, fetishes etc

e.g. coarse, sexual or religious connotations etc

e.g. impact and shock effects, gory,disturbing visuals etc

e.g. animated, fantasy, gory, torture, gangs, sexual, and/or erotic portrayal etc

e.g. frontal or rear, above or below waist nudity. Is it sexualized,incidental etc

e.g. are there verbal references,use of drugs, instructive details etc

Please specify:

Fields marked with* are mandatory. Indicate 'N/A' or '0' where not applicable
If you have ticked any of the content concerns, please provide details of the contentious material in the space provided below
Time (min:sec) Element Description
(Specify the episode number if submission is a TV series)
Disc1/ 25:15 Language Woman screams at man "Mother-fucker". Man yells back "Cunt".
Disc1/ 51:50 Violence Man repeatedly stabbing woman in the chest with a knife.
Disc1/ 55:13 Drug Use Middle-eastern looking man smoking a pot-pipe and passing it to friend.
Disc2/ 100:45 Sex Man thrusting woman whose wrists are tied to the bed post.
Disc2/ 122:15 Theme Film deals with Paedophilia and incest.

For more examples
Concentious Material Detail
Title *
Disc No *
Time (min:sec) * :

Element *

Description * Characters Left

1 comment:

Alan Wong said...

Shit, all these undesirable content as exactly outlined in the application form are readily available from the net.

So how to prevent our future generations from being influenced by such materials ?

Many conservative parents are really concerned ?

What is MDA going to do about it ?

Ban the internet ?
Ban all kids below 18 years from accessing the internet ?

So Censor Board how ? We are all so concerned that you are so hopeless ?