Monday, July 06, 2009

Political entertainment PAP-style

"Politics is a serious process of understanding issues, of making important decisions on issues affecting our future. Politics as an art form — as entertainment — would deflect from that."
- Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean, Straits Times, 31 Mar 2006

Indoor talks may be exempted, but public performances such as the one below still require a police permit in Singapore. Despite DPM Teo's comment that entertainment would detract from serious politics, the People's Action Party has been increasingly using entertainment to dress up their events.

Singapore's ruling People's Action Party (PAP) celebrating 20 years of their women's wing at St. James Power Plant.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at Zouk to celebrate the Young PAP’s 18th birthday and the PAP’s 50th Anniversary.

I leave you with the stated objectives of the PAP. Like the National Pledge, they are couched in very inspiring words.

PAP's Party Objectives

The Party shall be a national movement dedicated to the service of our nation and to the advancement of the well-being of our people. Towards this end, the Party's objectives shall be: -

(a) To preserve, protect and defend the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Singapore.

(b) To safeguard the freedom, and advance the well-being, of Singaporeans through representative and democratic government.

(c) To forge a nation of Singaporeans; to build a multiracial society, fair, just, and tolerant to all, whatever their race, language, and religion; to infuse into Singaporeans a sense of national identity and to bind them together by patriotism and commitment to Singapore.

(Emphasis in bold by me)

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