Sunday, August 07, 2005

5 days before Separation ...

Part Xl of the retrospective on Singapore's road to independence


Examining the PAP concept of Malaysian Malaysia, Inche Senu said: "The PAP itself a shining example of what its Malaysian Malaysia stands for.

"One can judge for oneself the troubles and tensions in Singapore ever since the PAP captured the State administration.

"First there was a tirade against all opposition parties and leaders coupled, of course, with the mailed fist shown to professionals, social workers, trade unionists and others.

"The PAP used every tactic and strategy familiar to Communism to create an air of anxiety and despair among the people - then baited them into submission with promises of patronage and protection to those conforming.


"Every legislative and administrative organ in the State was twisted to suit the polemics of the party and its ruling clique.

"Rivals and opponents were placted for a while with false promises of co-operation and ruthlessly weeded them out.

"Now the PAP has isolated itself that it fears its own shadow. Probably memories of its past misdeeds - arrests, liquidation and elimination of opposition by any means - are haunting its leadership so much that it is now convulsed with fear of retribution.

"Let me tell you this: If you are sincere about a Malaysian Malaysia, then do not betray the trust, however unknowingly placed in you, by the people of Singapore. Do not become heroes on someone else's blood."

Ten years ago, he said, there were some who had felt uneasy about independence. But instead of losing all to the Malays - as some then feared - Malaysians of all walks of life gained immensely through independence.

Inche Senu then referred to "threats" by Mr Lee Kuan Yew that if the Central Government did not yield to his interpretation of a Malaysian Malaysia, Britain, Australia and New Zealand may do some serious re-thinking about helping to defend Malaysia.

"First of all," Inche Senu said,"Mr Lee must know that the defence of Malaysia is primarily the responsibility of Malaysians themselves.

'Clarify' call

"Our Commonwealth allies are here by invitation of the Malaysian Government for the specific purpose of assisting in our external defence.

"Do Mr Lee's threats mean that the purpose of our allies in helping to defend our integrity is merely to prop up Mr Lee Kuan Yew and the PAP?

"I think they know better than to interfere in our internal affairs."

"Whoever is trying to implicate others in our local affairs is in fact betraying our national interests and may be considered by the people as a stooge of foreign powers."

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