Thursday, August 09, 2007

Nation Builders - A new video by Martyn See

The wealth generated by Singapore's much-touted economic success story has not benefited everyone, least of all its senior citizens, a.k.a. the nation builders. Filmed on the streets and back-alleys of downtown Singapore in July 2007, this video does not contain any enactments or acting. Directed, shot and edited by Martyn See. Running time : 14 minutes.

Link to google video.

Martyn See's previous works, 'Singapore Rebel' and 'Zahari's 17 Years' are banned by the Singapore Government for their political content. The former was also the subject of a 15 month-long police investigation for alleged violation of the Films Act. Both films, however, are freely available for viewing on google video. See has gone on to make 'Speakers Cornered', which has yet to be submitted to the local censors. 'Nation Builders is his fourth video and the first to be made available on the web by the director himself. So far, the Singapore authorities has not sought any orders to have locally-banned videos removed from the internet.