Friday, April 17, 2009

Govt retains ban on Zahari's 17 Years

The Government has retained the ban on Zahari's 17 Years.

In a letter hand-delivered to my home yesterday, the Board of Film Censors (BFC) said that the recent Films Act amendments did not cover Section 35 and that the Minister has not changed his position on the film.

The letter also stated that the Films (Amendment) Act is not yet in force and suggested that I resubmit Singapore Rebel after the Act comes into force.

A summary of the ratings made by BFC on my recent submissions of six films. Read my earlier letter here.

1. Singapore Rebel (2009) No decision. To resubmit.
2. Zahari's 17 Years (2009) Banned retained.
3. Speakers Cornered (2009) No change. Passed NC16.
4. One Nation Under Lee No decision. To resubmit
5. Success Stories : Lee Kuan Yew No change. Passed PG.
6. Riding The Tiger No change. Exempted under section 40.

The Government's letter in full here

No change to status of six movies
Singapore News // Weekend, April 18, 2009

THERE will be no change, for now, to the status of the six films submitted by film-maker Martyn See to the Media Development Authority (MDA).
As a “test” of the liberalisation of the Films Act, Mr See had re-submitted three of his films and three from other film-makers to the MDA for re-classification, on March 31.
However, MDA’s written reply on Thursday said the “2009 amendments to the Films Acts are not yet in force”, and advised Mr See to “re-submit them after the amendments come into force”.
The disappointed film-maker said he had sent in his films “with the intention they would review them based on the new ruling”.
He will re-submit Singapore Rebel and One Nation Under Lee after the amendments come into effect, he said, and “hopefully it will be passed and legalised, and Singaporeans can judge and decide for themselves what to watch and what should not be allowed”.
However, Mr See will “not pursue” his bid to un-ban the film Zahari’s 17 Years, which is prohibited under Section 35(1) of the Films Act for being contrary to the public interest.
The MDA said in its letter, the upcoming amendments to the Act “do not relate to Section 35(1) and the Minister has not changed his opinion”.


Thursday, April 02, 2009

The 10 Highest Paid Politicians In The World

This TimesOnline article gets it all wrong.

In truth, the ten highest paid politicians in the world are all pictured in the above photograph.

Anyway, here's their list.

1. Lee Hsien Loong - Singapore
Salary in dollars - $2.47 million
Salary in local currency - S$3.76 million

2. Donald Tsang Yum-Kuen - Hong Kong
Salary in dollars - $516,000
Salary in local currency - HK$4 million

3. Barack Obama - United States
Salary in dollars - $400,000

4. Brian Cowen - Ireland
Salary in dollars - $341,000
Salary in local currency - €257,000

5. Nicolas Sarkozy - FranceSalary in dollars - $318,000
Salary in local currency - €240,000

6. Angela Merkel - Germany
Salary in dollars - $303,000
Salary in local currency - €228,000

7. Gordon Brown - UK
Salary in dollars - $279,000
Salary in local currency - £194,250

8. Stephen Harper - Canada
Salary in dollars - $246,000
Salary in local currency - C$311,000

9. Taro Aso - Japan
Salary in dollars - $243,000
Salary in local currency - Y24 million

10. Kevin Rudd - Australia
Salary in dollars - $229,000
Salary in local currency - A$330,000

Here's the more accurate list (courtesy of My Singapore News)

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