Tuesday, June 24, 2014

An open letter to Lee Kuan Yew

The following was emailed to lee_kuan_yew@pmo.gov.sg on 15th May 2014. There has been no reply.


Request for an interview with Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Dear sir,

My name is Martyn See. I am an political blogger and filmmaker. I have made films on Dr Chee Soon Juan, Mr Said Zahari and the late Dr Lim Hock Siew. I would like to request for a video interview with Mr Lee Kuan Yew. The final video will be published online on youtube, but the final cut will be subjected to the approval by your office.

The interview will likely take about 90 minutes and will cover the following topics:

- a response to accusations of treason for having served as a translator for the Japanese news agency during the Occupation.

- a response to open records of the National Archives of UK which contained testimonials that contradict the government's long-held assertions that Mr Lim Chin Siong and the detainees of Operation Coldstore were engaging in communist activities.

- a response to a published comment by Dr Toh Chin Chye that he did not understand why you had shed tears during the press conference over Separation when it was you who had wanted it.

- a response to the extended incarceration of Dr Chia Thye Poh.

- a response to the view that the Marxist conspiracy arrests of 1987/88 were based on bogus charges initiated by you and the ISD.

- a response to charges by Amnesty International and former detainees to the use of physical and psychological torture by the ISD.

- a response to a US State Department report that the government routinely conduct surveillance on the opposition and government critics.

- a response to a view that public funds, in particular the CPF, are used to prop up the investment losses suffered by GIC and Temasek Holdings.

- your views on race, with regards to maintaining a Chinese majority in the country, Malays in the military, HDB's racial quota, race-based welfare organisations and the GRC system.

- a response to a view that government policies are increasingly being influenced by Christian moral values, particularly in the areas of sex education, arts censorship and rights of LGBTs.

- a response to the immigration and foreign workforce policies.

- an appraisal of Lee Hsien Loong's performance.

- a view on Lee Hsien Loong's likely successor.

- a prognosis of a post-LKY PAP and Singapore.

- an update of your health.

- your views on spirituality, death and the afterlife.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Martyn See