Thursday, March 24, 2005

Censors block Royston Tan's short film "15"

The much-anticipated Royston Tan's short film retrospective at the Alliance Francaise this weekend suffered a blow when its organiser's were told that "15" has been blocked by the Board of Film Censors. And this despite the fact that the short film had premiered at the 2002 Singapore International Film Festival and has since been available on the internet.

"15", an elegy to teenage delinquents in Singapore, is arguably Royston's best-known short film. It was to become the precursor to his controversial feature-length debut of the same title which suffered 27 cuts.

When I spoke to Royston last week about this apparent U-turn in censorship ruling, he said the SIFF screening in 2002 was granted on a "special permit". No reasons were given by the censors for this latest ban.

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