Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Singapore police abducts activists in daylight

Frightening, funny and depressing - all at the same time.

Part l

Part ll

SDP Leaders Released After Being Forced Into Police Van

Activists test Singapore with ASEAN protests

Picture by Stefen Chow/AP
More photos here.

Activists Defy Protest Ban At ASEAN Summit In Singapore

Singapore protest laws won’t be relaxed: activists

Protesters barred from giving Suu Kyi card to ASEAN leaders

Myanmar citizens mount protest at ASEAN summit

Protest Singapore Style; 3 Marchers, 19 Media, 1,000 Police

Students defy police, march along Singapore's premier boulevard


Anonymous said...

WTF are these police officers doing ? Isn't this plain abuse of their authority ?

And the police officer in-charge could not even cite what law are they arresting the lady.

Damn disgraceful these whole bunch of police officers.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely disgusting to see such
abuse of power.

Unknown said...

those activists have guts! do they have an organisation or website?

george said...

If you blame the 'mata kia' you are barking up the wrong tree.

The real culprits are those helicoptic leaders we have, at the top of the angsana tree.

In this case, the buck stops at the one referred to in parliament by Goh Chok Tong as the 'dog' or 'bulldog'.

Anonymous said...

It's truly a pitiful and pathetic sight to behold. I opined that both the Enforcers and the Harrassesd/Abused felt shameful and hurt.

It was a disgraceful display of foolish shits for the world to see. I feel terribly sad.

Anonymous said...

I thought you might be interested in this website called The Hub by WITNESS:


Anonymous said...

Thanks For Changing My ideas and intentions of being a policeman (a teenage dream), 'to protect and to serve' those who are unreasonably wrong are so immoral (how can those policemen n women bring themselves to do tat) and against the pledge i recited everyday previously in my primary and secondary school days "To build a democratic country, based on justice and equality...'

Eagle said...

For johnorford... their website is

Anonymous said...

This video is just dumb. it's staged. Got eyes but cannot see.

Anonymous said...

Try this in Burma, I'd like to see bullets go through their thick skulls by acting so foolishly.