Saturday, December 01, 2007

Speakers Cornered - Complete video now unleashed

I made this video a year ago. It has since been screened in human rights festivals in Taiwan and Malaysia.

Seeing how Singapore's state censors, a.k.a. the Media Development Authority (MDA), is currently pitching itself as a government agency with some serious creative street cred, I may jolly well submit Speakers Cornered for a rating and a public screening license. Let's see how creative they can get by banning a work that's already circulating online.

Watch the entire video here. Chinese subtitles are courtesy of Taipei's Urban Nomad Film Festival.


Anonymous said...

Well done, Martyn.


Anonymous said...

Well done, Sir. Let the world know how oppressive Singapore is.

I could not stand the totalitarian regime, dirty tactics and the use of supposedly non-partisan civil service for the ruling party's needs.

I have since migrated and very happy with my new life. It still makes my heart bleed when I see such things about my country of birth.

Anonymous said...

So they call Singapore a democratic country. A police state would be more appropriate.

Our leaders are making a fool of themselves. My respect for the Lee family has just gone down the drain.

Worse than those in the communist countries.

Anonymous said...

Las Vegas was also very safe when the mob was running the place. When people say there is no place as safe as Singapore, I cringe. Lord, forgive them for they are ignorant. If you punish everyone for the smallest of crimes, surely that will result in a paralysed society. A society that will do absolutely nothing against a bully govt. This is Singapore las vegas. Rich, beautiful but clouded in fear.

Anonymous said...

Mr See, please make a film about Chia Thye Poh.

Future generations of Singaporeans need to know what happened to Chia Thye Poh's 32 years.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this.awesome work man.

“When Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes Duty”

Anonymous said...

Martyn, you are courageous

Khidir said...

This is a sad day for Singapore. but how much longer can they stop us?

Anonymous said...

All I can see is that the opposing parties are using "trouble making" tactics in order to gain attention.

Prove me wrong.