Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Film fest disqualifies Martyn See's film

Nation Builders (above) has been disqualified as an entry to the Singapore International Film Festival Short Film Competition as it has failed to meet its entry requirements.

Festival staff Yuni Hadi told me over the phone that since the film has been circulating on the net, it no longer qualifies as a World Premiere, as stated here in its rules and regulations.

4. Entries must be World premieres and must not have been howsoever broadcasted, screened or participated in any competition/festival in Singapore or abroad

(Silly me, but I swear I read it differently two months ago)

The 14 minute film was uploaded on the net on the eve of National Day and subsequently submitted as an entry to SIFF in December 2007. It has not been publicly screened to an audience here or abroad. The disqualification means that the film will not be submitted to the Board of Film Censors.

This is my 3rd submission to the SIFF. The first, Singapore Rebel, was banned in tandem with a 15 month-long police investigation. The second, Zahari's 17 Years, was inexplicably withdrawn by the SIFF and subsequently banned a year later when I personally submit it for an exhibition licence.

As required by law, I will be submitting Nation Builders to the censors shortly. It will join Speakers Cornered, whose status is still yet unknown. (Heard it through the grapevine that Dr Vivian Balakrishnan is taking over the helm at MICA at the first quarter. I should perhaps honour his appointment by submitting Nation Builders then.)

Meanwhile, SIFF is screening a Singaporean-made film about the homeless entitled Homeless FC. It is directed by Lynn and James, who made the East Timor redemption flick Passabe. Needless to say, Homeless FC isn't about the destitutes in Singapore, but in Hong Kong.


k said...

Every film festival requires the same..

Still, keep up the good work. I'm sure Singaporeans abroad will be more than happy to organise a little powwow for your film.

Anonymous said...

Persevere my friend, we still get to appreciate your good works via the Internet.

Personally, I do not see your works as political stuffs but very much social documentaries.

Thank You for showing us realities as they happened, they are very enlightening indeed! saintmoron.

Anonymous said...

I went to the SIFF from 1989 to 2003. That is a total of 15 years. However I gave the festival a miss from 2004 onwards. The steady decline in the line up of films is the main reason. I also no longer wish to support a festival where the organisers are self censoring.

Long live the internet!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Martyn.