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Alan Shadrake held in Singapore - Aggregated News (updated 30 Nov)

How and where to buy the book? (Note : The book is not banned in Singapore, merely restricted in circulation)

Book Reviews
Book Review : Once A Jolly Hangman - Ben Bland
Prisoners are fit to drop in Singapore - Asia Times Online
Death row in Singapore - we need answers, not silencing
New book puts death penalty on trial - Alex Au
Alan Shadrake’s crime? - TOC
Review : Once A Jolly Hangman
Foreign Office Minister "dismayed" as writer is jailed for expressing his views in Singapore

19 Nov 2010
Shadrake to appeal
British author Alan Shadrake to appeal sentence
Alan Shadrake to appeal Singapore contempt conviction
Shadrake to appeal
Convicted British author to appeal jail sentence and fine
British author to appeal jail term
Author 'To Appeal Singapore Jail Sentence'

16 Nov 2010
Singapore jails author 6 weeks for contempt
UK author jailed in Singapore over execution book
British author Alan Shadrake sentenced to 6 weeks jail in Singapore for his book
SINGAPORE: British author Alan Shadrake imprisoned
UK Author Alan Shadrake jailed in Singapore
British author jailed for contempt by Singapore court
Alan Shadrake given six week sentence
Singapore Jails British Author Alan Shadrake for Six Weeks
Singapore sentences UK author to jail
British author Alan Shadrake jailed in Singapore
British author sentenced in Singapore for book on death penalty
British author, 76, jailed in Singapore for six weeks over book on the death penalty
Singapore Deals Sharp Blow to Freedom of Expression by Sentencing British Author, Says Amnesty International
CPJ condemns jail sentence against writer critical of death penalty
Joint statement by SADPC and Think Centre on the Alan Shadrake's case

8 Nov 2010
Thirty free speech groups sign petition for Alan Shadrake

5 Nov 2010

Singapore suppresses dissident

4 Nov 2010

You can cage the singer
Why judgement on Shadrake is significant

3 Nov 2010

News :
British Author Guilty of Contempt in Singapore - Channel 4 News
Conviction of British author is yet another assault on freedom of expression
British author faces jail for criticising Singapore's judiciary
Legal history made in Shadrake trial verdict
Singapore: Alan Shadrake found guilty
U.K. Author Faces Singapore Jail Time
I finally get to say it: Has the world gone mad?
British author guilty of insulting Singapore judiciary
Singapore court holds British writer guilty of contempt
British author faces prison sentence in Singapore
UK author Shadrake convicted of contempt in Singapore - BBC

British journalist Shadrake convicted in Singapore
Singapore court finds UK journalist guilty of contempt for criticising judiciary
Singapore convicts death penalty author
S’pore: Petition appeals for release of British journalist
Amnesty International Raised Concern that Singapore Conviction of Author Smothers Freedom of Expression
Shadrake found guilty of contempt of court
British author guilty of contempt
British author faces jail in Singapore for deriding 'corrupt' justice system in a book

Singapore court finds UK author Shadrake guilty of contempt

Commentary :

Conviction casts doubt on Yale tie-up

29 Oct 2010

An Open Letter from Alan Shadrake to the Singapore Government

22 Oct 2010

Petition appeals for acquittal of British journalist Alan Shadrake

Commentary :
Has the issue of jurisdiction been addressed by the Court?

21 Oct 2010

News :
No reason to depart from Inherent Tendency Test – DPP

Commentary :
How to propel a book to bestseller status

20 Oct 2010

News :
Author of 'defamatory' book must be held to higher standard, says AGC

Lawyer offers to quit

British author Shadrake's comments "fair criticisms", say his lawyers
Singapore wraps up case against British author

19 Oct 2010

News :
Singapore trial for British contempt case journalist

British author says Singapore book 'fair criticism' of court
UK author Shadrake made baseless attacks on S'pore judiciary: lawyer
DPP’s statement “a serious imputation on my character” – M Ravi

Author admits factual error

Baseless attack on judiciary

First day of Shadrake hearing
Shadrake’s book a “blatant, contemptuous attack against the judiciary’ – DPP
“We shouldn’t be so hypersensitive in reacting” – M Ravi
“This proceeding itself scandalises the judiciary” – M Ravi

Commentary :
Singapore Justice in the Dock Indeed

23 Aug 2010

News :
British critic unlikely to find leniency in Singapore court

17 Aug 2010

News :
Author denies intention to insult Singapore - AFP
Shadrake denies intention to scandalise Singapore judiciary

15 Aug 2010

Commentary :
Buying a book “not banned” in Singapore

14 Aug 2010

News :
Cabinet has power to pardon
Law Minister's comments on convicted drug trafficker misrepresented

13 Aug 2010

News :
Shadrake ‘recovering well’ after angioplasy

Commentary :
Singapore: spare the Occidental, hang the Oriental.

11 Aug 2010

News :
Activists cry murder over Singapore hanging - Free Malaysia
M'sians want S'pore to take action against "wrongful" execution
“I want my son’s name back” - TOC
Father seeks redress for son hanged in Singapore - TOC video
MEMORANDUM OF PROTEST Wrongful execution of M’sian Vignes Mourthi and malicious prosecution of Alan Shadrake - Lawyers For Liberty

Commentaries :
To try or not: Singapore agonises
The death penalty in Singapore
Doughnut reporting

7 Aug 2010

Commentary :
Alan Shadrake Video Interview

4 Aug 2010

Commentary :
Shadrake case highlights Singapore censorship battle - BBC
What Moral Authority, Wong Kan Seng?
Wong Is Wrong Again
The groundbreaking action against 'Hangman' author Alan Shadrake

3 Aug 2010

News :
S'pore must defend integrity of institutions of justice & law enforcement: DPM Wong

2 Aug 2010

News :
News 5 Tonight - Alan Shadrake
Petition against death penalty - Straits Times

Commentaries :

British Author's Uphill Battle in a Singapore Court

1 Aug 2010

News :
Local & Foreign Activists fights againt Death Penalty together at Speaker's Corner

30 July 2010

News :
Singapore's reputation on the line as British author fights on - James Gomez/The Guardian
UK author Shadrake's Singapore contempt trial adjourned - BBC
U.K. Author Says He Won't Apologize for Book on Singapore's Death Penalty - Bloomberg
UK death penalty book author defiant - AFP
Shadrake won't say he's sorry - Today
UK author vows to fight Singapore contempt charge - AP/WSJ

Commentaries :
Shadrake’s day in court, part 1

28 July 2010

News :
Singapore: Legal Charges Threat to Freedom of Expression - Human Rights Watch

26 July 2010

Commentaries :
Shooting the messenger in Singapore

23 July 2010
News :
Open letter to the authorities: Judicial harassment of journalist is an affront to freedom of expression - FIDH
SHADRAKE: I’d do it all again - British Weekly
Released on bail, British journalist accused of contempt of court - Aliran

Commentaries :
the biggest scandal this week is the arrest of Alan Shadrake

22 July 2010

Commentaries :
Shadrake faces heavy silencing hand, part 2
Oh What A Tangled Web
Catch The Lie Here

21 July 2010

News :
British author arrested for book on death penalty; film on political prisoners banned - IFEX
Court proceedings initiated against author - Today
'Hangman' author released on bail - My Paper

Commentaries :
Drugs, Death, Censorship, and Singapore

20 July 2010

News :
British death penalty author freed on bail in Singapore - BBC
British writer freed from Singapore jail - Guardian
British author Alan Shadrake freed from Singapore prison - Telegraph
Consular assistance for British author - Today
British author Alan Shadrake out on police bail - CNA
British author freed on bail - Straits Times
Singapore arrests author who criticised death penalty - The Independent
Singapore Arrests British Writer For Defamation - AP/CBS News
British author runs foul of censors in Singapore - ABC Radio
Alan Shadrake makes bail in S'pore - British Weekly/YourSDP
Singapore Releases UK Author In Defamation Case - AP/CBS News
Released on bail, British journalist accused of contempt of court - Reporters sans Frontieres

Commentaries :
Shadrake faces heavy silencing hand

19 July 2010

News :
British author of death penalty book held in Singapore - BBC
British author Alan Shadrake arrested in Singapore over death penalty book - Telegraph
Singapore arrests 'Hangman' author - Al Jazeera
Lawyer seeks access to British author arrested in Singapore - AFP
UK reporter held in Singapore - News24
Alan Shadrake – the author of ‘Once a Jolly Hangman: Singapore Justice in the Dock’ arrested - Today24News
Singapore arrests British writer for defamation - AP/Bloomberg
Singapore must release British author of death penalty book - Amnesty International
Singapore: Amnesty calls for release of British author of death penalty book - Amnesty International UK
Human rights group wants author released - UPI
Lawyer seeks access to British author arrested in Singapore - AFP
British author arrested, charged with defamation over book on death penalty - IFEX

Commentaries :
Jolly Hangman author Alan Shadrake didn't expect legal action
Exposing the truth scares the PAP

18 July 2010

News :
Singapore arrests British author of death penalty book - Guardian
Singapore arrests UK author on defamation charge - Reuters
British National Alan Shadrake Arrested - Singapore Police Press Release
Author critical of Singapore is arrested - AFP/Bangkok Post
Singapore arrests author after release of book criticising use of death penalty - AFP/Australian
Breaking news: Author of death penalty book Alan Shadrake arrested - YourSDP
Photos of Book Launch held in Singapore - Jacob George
British author arrested in Singapore over death penalty book - Ben Bland

Commentaries :
Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore arrests Alan Shadrake

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