Wednesday, September 17, 2014

20 films that undermine the national security of Singapore

In banning the documentary 'To Singapore, With Love', the government reasoned that the film "undermines national security because legitimate actions of the security agencies to protect the national security and stability of Singapore are presented in a distorted way as acts that victimised innocent individuals".

Here are 19 other films that fit the above description of undermining the national security of Singapore.

1. One Nation Under Lee

2. Tan Wah Piow on the 'Marxist Conspiracy'

3. A conversation with Tan Wah Piow (Parts I and ll)

4. Francis Seow : The Interview

5. Abolish ISA - Singapore

6. Dr Lim Hock Siew (banned in Singapore)

7. Zahari's 17 Years (banned in Singapore)

8. Exiled Singapore Politician - Wong Soon Fong:

9. Ex-ISA detainee issues challenge to Dr Tony Tan

10. The Price of Freedom in Singapore - 
ISA fugitive Francis Khoo

11. Dr Lim Hock Siew speaking at 
Said Zahari's book launch 1st July 2007

12. Vincent Cheng's speech at the SDP rally on 2 May, 2011

13. Teo Soh Lung at the 50th Anniversary of Operation Coldstore

14. Teo Soh Lung speaks out

15. Operation Coldstore Book launch 
(Parts 1 & ll)
Dr Thum Ping Tjin

16. Dr Poh Soo Kai at the 50th Anniversary of Operation Coldstore

17. Q & A Session with Dr. Poh Soo Kai

18. Operation Coldstore Roundtable - 
Dr Poh Soo Kai calls ISA detentions "crimes against humanity" 
(Parts 1 to lV)

19. Lies of the "Marxist Conspiracy" 
by Vincent Wijeysingha (Parts l & ll)


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