Sunday, September 02, 2007

Singaporean works feature in Malaysian human rights film fest

Into its fourth year, Malaysia's independent Freedom Film Festival 2007 will operate under the banner of "50th Merdeka: The Untold Human Rights Stories".

The festival will run from September 14 - 16 in Kuala Lumpur, September 21 - 23 in Penang and September 28 - 30 in Johor Baru. Click here for the venue details.

Singapore films shown in previous FFF includes Tan Pin Pin's Singapore Gaga and Moving House (2006), and Martyn See's Singapore Rebel and Zahari's 17 Years (2005/2006). On this year's roster are a total of 32 films, including seven works by Singapore-based directors.

Below are the screening schedule of the Singapore films in KL. Click here for the complete film listings and screening schedule in KL.

All screenings at the Central Market Annexe in Kuala Lumpur.

1. 24 hrs, directed by Royston Tan, Friday 13th Sept, 4.30pm
2. 15(short version), directed by Royston Tan, Friday 13th Sept, 4.30pm
3. I Love Malaya , directed by Asia Witness Production, Friday 13th Sept, 8pm
4. Speakers Cornered , directed by Martyn See, Saturday 14th Sept, 11.30am
5. Cut! , directed by Royston Tan, Saturday 14th Sept, 11.30am
6. Exodus , directed by Sherman Ong, Saturday 14th Sept, 9pm.
7. Passabe , directed by James Leong and Lynn Lee, 15th Sept, 3.30pm

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