Friday, September 11, 2009

Ban on 'Singapore Rebel' lifted, rated M18

After four and a half years, the Government has lifted the ban on Singapore Rebel today.

It was first banned in April of 2005 whereupon I underwent 15 months of police investigation. After a "stern warning", the police dropped prosecutions, but the ban on the film remained in effect until today.

 Click here for a summary of the saga On May 29th 2009, I resubmitted the film under Films (Amendment) Act. Zahari's 17 Years remains banned under Section 35 of the Films Act. Only the Minister has the authority to lift that ban.

  Govt retains ban on Zahari's 17 Years

From the website of the Media Development Authority (MDA) BFC rates “Singapore Rebel” M18 with Consumer Advice Singapore, 11 September 2009: The Board of Film of Censors (BFC) has rated the film "Singapore Rebel" M18 with a consumer advice of "Mature Content".

 The BFC had referred the film to the Political Films Consultative Committee (PFCC) for advice on whether it should be regarded as a party political film under the Films Act. Having reviewed the film, the PFCC is of the view that “Singapore Rebel” is a documentary film falling within the statutory exclusion set out in section 2(3)(e) of the Films Act and should therefore not be regarded as a party political film.

 "Singapore Rebel" is the first film to be assessed by the PFCC, and allowed following the amendments to the Films Act in March 2009.



Anonymous said...


pls, hor, Martin, this is NOT a victory. because their ban is highly IRRELEVANT since so many pple have already watched it on the internet!

when is our beloved PAP gonna wake up???

Anonymous said...

Anyway, its no choice for PAP but to lift, if no MDA will be using its "cocX" to knock their own heads in new digital internet era!

Anonymous said...

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