Friday, August 05, 2005

Police investigation on Singapore Rebel resumes

Hi all,

Police Assistant Superintendent Chan Peng Kuang called me today, 5 August 1600 hours, to request for a second interview regarding the making of my short film Singapore Rebel.

The first interview was conducted on 16 May 2005 by the same officer.

I've told ASP Chan that I'll call him to arrange a date for the next interview.

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Jon said...

Has the crime rate in Singapore been driven so low, that the police have to investigate something, even when there's no crime to investigate?? Talk about wasted tax dollars...

For the record, great work on the documentary. I wish it was longer though, but it's a good first step to spreading awareness amongst the apathetic majority. You've probably heard this before too, but you should definitely have a lawyer present with you if you can afford one, or better still, one who will do it pro bono. I just read your first post regarding the May interview. The questions asked are so invasive Im surprised ASP Chan didn't ask you what age you started growing pubic hair.