Thursday, September 01, 2005

Police report made against ChannelNewsAsia

Aug 30, 2005

Mr Yap Keng Ho aka Uncle Yap, an activist in Singapore, made a police report today against CNA. Uncle Yap is asking the police to look into two programmes by the state-controlled local broadcaster ChannelNewsAsia or CNA, Success Stories and Up Close. These programmes can also be considered "party political films" under the Films Act. (Read my earlier post Keep up the good work MDA!)

Martyn See, a local filmmaker is being investigated by the police for his 26 minute documentary Singapore Rebel about Chee Soon Juan.

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Complaint lodged against MediaCorp for showing political films
30 Aug 05

Internet activist Mr Yap Keng Ho has lodged a police report to complain against the production and/or screening of political films regarding PAP leaders.

Mr Yap made the report at the Tampines Neighbourhood Police Centre today, citing that two films, Success Story which portrayed Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Up Close which featured five PAP ministers including Mr Lee Hsien Loong, were screened on Channel News Asia in 2002 and 2005 respectively.

The complaint comes at a time when the police are investigating Mr Martyn See for making a film about Dr Chee Soon Juan, which the Media Development Authority has said is “political” in nature and therefore a violation of the Films Act.

Mr Yap said in his report that the screening of the political documentaries of Mr Lee Kuan Yew and the PAP ministers likewise contravened the Films Act and has asked the police to investigate the matter.

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Anonymous said...

I agree: Political films should either be banned, period, or allowed from all parties!

Anonymous said...

One note, if you are against the Singapore political monopoly you should also do something against the Microsoft monopoly! I refuse to use IE!!!

Anonymous said...

Err.. you are quite out of point. Martyn and gang are not against political monopoly for the sake of going against the monopoly. it is motivated. so unless you have good reason to go against microsoft, then go ahead.

I dont see what else you could go for but Apple Mac, which is, well, the next monopoly if you dont use microsoft.