Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Political films across the causeway

Malaysia's premier showcase of human rights films will travel to Johor Bahru this weekend. It will be the closest location by which Singaporeans can watch One Nation Under Lee in a public space. Director Seelan Palay will be present at the post-screening Q&A session.

Venue : Tropical Inn
Address : 15, Jalan Gereja, Johor Bahru
Dates : 12 to 14 Sept 2008
Time : 11am til 10pm
Admission is FREE

One Nation Under Lee will screen on Saturday at 4.30pm.

Other highlights include :

War on Democracy : John Pilger's latest film uses CIA files and archive footage to demonstrate how the United States had undermined democracy in Latin America, replacing them with dictators such as Chile's General Pinochet.

Promised Paradise : Jakarta-based puppeteer and troubadour Agus Nur Amal travels to Bali to call to account the people who were responsible for the bomb attack on a nightclub there on 12 October 2002. This film is officially banned in Indonesia, but shown to rapturous appluase at last week's screening in Kuala Lumpur.

A Human Request : When the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted I December 1948, eight states abstained form voting arguing that certain articles were not acceptable in their cultures.

Pecah Lobang : Pecah Lobang explores what it’s like to be a Muslim transsexual sex worker in Malaysia. Crossdressing is a crime under the Syariah court system for Muslims and the penalties are severe. But it wasn’t always so. A finalist of FFF's award.

Pilihanraya Umum Malaysia ke-12 : Is elections in Malaysia free and fair? This documentary makes the case that citizens need to be educated on their voting rights. A finalist of FFF's award.

Who Speaks for Me? : This documentary explores the issue of free expression in Malaysia in the aftermath of local rapper Namewee's controversial Negaraku-ku video. Winner of this year's FFF's "Most Outstanding Human Rights Film". Watch the interview of the three finalists here.

Queer Cinema : Three films exploring homosexual relationships, including Amir Muhammad's Pang Yau.

Click here for complete list of films and schedules.

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