Monday, September 15, 2008

Short film on elderly poor rated NC16

Nation Builders, a 14 minute documentary featuring scenes of the elderly poor ekeing out a living in Singapore, has been rated NC16 by the Board of Film Censors. I had submitted the film in July and it was cleared by the censors last week. No mention is made in the certificate (YN03947004) on why the film has been deemed unsuitable for viewers under the age of 16. A fee of $10.80 is payable upon every film you submit to the censors (even though the Films Act requires ALL films to be authorised by the BFC). I was told to write in to the Board to request for an explanation for the rating.

Watch the entire video here and form your own conclusions as to why the Singapore Government does not want their under 16s to watch this film in a public screening.

And oh , read this too.
From hospital, Lee Kuan Yew asks rich to help poor
"Unlike Kim Jong Il who says he is well but has not appeared, I thought I'd better say hello to you and to your guests and apologise for not being able to join you." - MM Lee Kuan Yew

The censors' clearance of Nation Builders follows the approval of six other films, made by director Ho Choon Hiong, which documented a recent spate of political protests in Singapore.

They are rated as follows.

1. Human rights torch relay by Falungong in Singapore (M18)
Youtube link here
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Youtube link here
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3. Burmese staged peaceful demonstration in Singapore (PG)
Youtube link here.
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4. NUS international students Vigil Walk (PG)
Youtube link here
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5. Singaporean started 5 days fasting against ISA on Hindraf 5 (PG)
Youtube link here
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6. Morning May day Montage (PG)
Youtube link here
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Six short political films first passed by Singapore censors

Singapore - Six short films documenting political activities in Singapore have been approved by Singapore censors, the first since the easing of an outright ban last month, media reports said on Saturday. The films produced by Ho Choon Hiong, 33, focus on street demonstrations, protests and fasting.

"It is an encouraging sign," The Straights Times quoted Ho as saying of the Board of Film Censors (BFC) nod.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said last month that the ban could be relaxed. He said during the National Day Rally address that factual footage, documentaries and recordings of live events would be okayed.

Still off-limits are the making or distribution of party political films, including ads by parties or other political organizations or footage distorted to create a slanted impression.

Among the topics of films that received the go-ahead are a protest against the Beijing Olympics by members of the Falungong sect in the city-state, protests by Myanmar nationals and a Singaporean fasting outside the Malaysian High Commission in protest against the detention of Malaysian Hindu rights activists, the report said.


Anonymous said...

NC 16? woah! I guess PAP needs to maintain the elitist image for those young ones. Get out of my uncaring face. No point making them lose faith in PAP and getting voted out by them ! More Wee Wees are better than less! What a joke!

What the youths learn must be from PAP approved materials, not something that is so 'raw and powerful' like your materials.
I guess getting branded NC 16 should make your video more 'saleable' on the internet now! wahahaha! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

This is a surprising classification!

For more detailed discussions on these important topics, see:
Singapore Kopitiam

Anonymous said...

While I disagree with Prof Mahbubani that there aren't dirt poor people in S'pore, I think yr film is flawed, as it doesn't distinguish between the genuinely poor and those who use their low income status to milk public sympathy, whether for themselves or for whoever put them up to it.

Take yr shots of those around Waterloo St temple. I know the vicinity very well. While I have given some money to almost everyone in the shots, I do sometimes question how truly needy each and everyone is. Esp that old woman in the wheel chair. I think you should investigate further her background. I believe I used to see her on the SuperStar Virgo on at least half a dozen occasions, on the longer trips up to Phuket.

Anonymous said...

How much does Auntielucia thinks the one-legged eledrly lady in the wheelchair can earn from selling tissue paper. Enough to go on Star cruises?

Please don't insult the Singaporeans' intelligence.

Go watch Mediacorp productions if you want "balanced" videos.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: you are insulting S'poreans intelligence, not me. Why u are so cowardly to hide behind anonymity? All I'm suggesting is that Martyn should investigate those people he shows as "desperate poor" to the world before giving them validity on celluloid. That's not too much to ask, surely?